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Mom's gift was unspoken love:


Welcome To The Family

Bridge into the Woods

It is the Intention that is Important. The will to be good to each other. Starting there, each action, each encounter with the world can be a gift from the spirits. If you have the courage to look and see. Seeing the spirits isn't always easy, but for to ask is to have. Ask your faith source for guidance, then look around. You may be surprised, and you likely will be. Keep looking, you'll find.

Heavenly Sky


 Belief is hard because it means there is a "conclusion". As if once you believe something, it must be true, or you are wrong. Our family believes in each other, we start there, and it doesn't ever have to end. We won't leave you!


We are people of faith, family, music and love, we believe everyone is as well or can be. This is belief, faith in each other, we're all we have.



A long time ago, a wise person wasn't all that wise. Our community doesn't care if you think you are smart or not, rich or not, or anything or not. If you love music and a family like environment, and have faith in each other, then this community may appeal to you. We'll love you anyway. We'll help you and you can call on us. We offer a place, and a listening ear, it's all we get.


The Gifts in the Moment from God


Together, we can dance

our way to the heavens.

Mom's Philosophy


She Enjoyed Living; and Wanted

the Same for Everyone!

Mom's Legacy,  Family First;
 but anyone could be family
The Mission Statement
From Dan Aykroyd 

Music, Art, Family, Faith Services  &  Events

Our Town famous Monday Night Really Open Stage is now on hold. The Dr Lou's Place Performance Stage, AKA the Upper Keys Performing Arts Center is no more thanks to Mr M. Greed.  Family Members are welcome to join up to the membership on this site and stay tuned for more MFM Events.


Dr Lou is now playing the BASS with the Generation Gap Band, this is the Full Moon Band at the Sam Nekhalia's Island Grill in Islamorada - MM 85 - Full moon parties every month.

Dr Lou will be putting the band back together in NJ this summer, but he will be back for full moon shows in July and August.

Check our calendar and local listings for shows near you.

Dr Lou Solo is also a small musical project out on the road in the USA.

Screen Shot 2024-02-23 at 2.23.44 PM.png

The Back Story, The Vision; Why?

Teacher Giving Guitar Lessons

Florida Keys Music Incubator


Start here with music instruction and live experience, then move on. It happened once before, it's happening again. For more info, please contact us.

The source of the inspiration comes from the drive to do good. We see technology as the future and that future must work for the good of all.  We bring products that will make the world a place where personal freedom, to live and love comes first, above any other objective. It should be done, but it should be done right, for the right reasons, in a righteous way.

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